Come join us!

We’re on a mission to change the way people look at personal finance. We love it – we want you to love it too. STACK is a new way to manage your money, fee-free and straight from your smartphone.

We’re expanding our team, looking for some talented developers to deliver the ultimate personal finance platform. At STACK, we’re at the forefront of new technology, using the latest industry innovations to build a better way to bank. No pressure 🙂

Up to the challenge? Check out our Job Description below, and watch this space for more positions, coming soon.



In a world full of giant consumer banks, STACK is a like having your own personal valet. STACK is a modern alternative to a traditional bank account. It lets you spend, save and share your money, fee-free and straight from your smartphone.

Every dev on our team plays a crucial role. As you take on responsibilities and stretch your limits, you’ll improve your platform and architecture skills faster than you could in any classroom. You’ll also have guidance on-hand from experienced mentors who’ve been in the trenches.

As an Ethereum developer, you’ll manage smart contracts that connect customers’ cryptocurrency wallets to in-store payment terminals. In-store crypto-payments are a new frontier for blockchain and STACK has built a world-first in mobile NFC crypto-payments. At STACK, you’ll learn more about blockchains than you ever knew there was.

As an Android/iOS developer, you’ll enable in-store cryptocurrency payments from within the STACK app (see ). You’ll also connect people to automated financial mentors driven by machine learning, and help them share their money with their friends.

As a data scientist/engineer, you’ll discover insights buried in customers’ purchases, and their social and financial histories, and use those to help them spend optimally in pursuit of their goals. You’ll also help them save money by analyzing and matching discounts and offers to align with their lifestyles and spending patterns.

As a backend NodeJS developer working with a devops engineer, you’ll build the infrastructure to put together all the above. You’ll let people pay securely at point of sale from their cryptocurrency wallet, by managing the flow of funds from blockchain payment channels, through the mobile app, to millions of in-store terminals. You’ll also build a large-scale pipeline to funnel consumer data through machine learning servers, then return the insights back to the mobile app and help guide purchase decisions. Finally, you’ll help people share money with friends directly through their mobile phone.

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