At STACK, we’re working towards a better future of finance. A universally accessible alternative to traditional banking that allows you to store your money safely, access it instantly and transact with it anywhere, in any currency.

Today we’re announcing a new partnership with STK, which will enable instant, contactless cryptocurrency payments at points of sale, using your STACK app.

STK tokens will allow users to access an immediate exchange so that cryptocurrency can be used for daily transactions online and in-store. If you’re new to cryptocurrency, this might sound like a foreign language. We’ve broken the technology down here.

The first implementation of these STK tokens will be within the STACK app, which means that Canadians will have access to instant cryptocurrency payments before anyone else. As a Canadian company, we’re proud that the first instance of contactless cryptocurrency payments will be made here at home.

We know cryptocurrency is new. You might love it, or you might have never heard of it. Either way, our mission at STACK is to provide a platform that lets you use your money in whatever way works best for you. We’re working hard to give you the tools to access it anytime, anywhere and in any currency you want – including cryptocurrency. It’s up to you. Like it should be.

See a quick demo on how it works below.

For more on STK, visit And to read today’s announcement, check out our news release.