Today we’re announcing our official partnership with i2c, an Agile Processing platform which will power payment functionality within the STACK app. Our partnership with i2c will facilitate secure payments through the STACK app and the STACK Prepaid Mastercard card, so you can use your STACK app or card anywhere Mastercard is accepted including in-store and online. i2c is as serious about security as we are, so they monitor transactions to make sure they adhere to fraud rules and spending limits which means you can spend your money safely and securely, but no one else can.

We’ve also hooked up to i2c’s integrated voice response system (or IVR for short) so our members will have access to convenient and intuitive self-serve customer service options along with in-app and text support.

When it comes to building our platform, finding the right partners is essential. We look for companies motivated to find a better way who are passionate about helping us build one. As a global provider of smarter payments and integrated commerce solutions, i2c is the perfect fit to help us launch a new way to manage your money.

It’s a big step forward for the STACK app and we’ll be releasing more updates soon as we continue to expand our private beta and move closer to our public launch.

You can read our official press release here. A warm welcome to the team at i2c!

The STACK team.